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The Population Europe Secretariat is hosted by the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research.
Out of Britain - What demographers have to say about Brexit
Article by Executive Secretary Andreas Edel on the Max Planck Society's internet portal
The Demographic Impact of the EU Referendum: EU Migrants in the UK
Population Europe Policy Brief
Once a European, always a European
New blog post by Erich Striessnig (Wittgenstein Centre) for "Population & Policy Bites"
New Population Insights
Gender Equality /// Education&Obesity /// Living Longer
Towards an Age-Friendly Europe
Blog post for "Population & Policy Bites" by Anne-Sophie Parent on the European Covenant on Demographic Change
International migration under the microscope
Population Europe researchers in Science Magazine
Keep abreast of population & policy research
Many of our PopDigests are now available in English, German, French, and Spanish
ERC Advanced Grants for Population Europe Researchers
Professor Billari (University of Oxford) and Professor Aassve (Bocconi) win prestigious grants
Media Service
If demography matters to you, as a journalist, Population Europe can help you.

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