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Call for papers: Alp-Pop The Alpine Population Conference
01/11/2014- Call for papers
Call for papers: Alp-Pop The Alpine Population Conference
We welcome submissions on all population issues (e.g., population dynamics, population health, migration, families and fertility, the welfare state and population policy, economic development, institutions and population, decision-making, well-being, and social dynamics, etc.), but we particularly encourage submissions that take a life-course perspective. Submissions of original papers or extended abstracts are invited by November 1, 2014, and submitters will be notified of acceptance within the week. Submissions and inquiries should be addressed via email to:
The ‘Stayers’: Lifelong Sedentary Behaviour in an Urban Context
29/07/2014- News
The ‘Stayers’: Lifelong Sedentary Behaviour in an Urban Context
Migration has, over the years, attracted infinitely more attention than non-migration or staying. In a paper by Anna Hjälm (Umeå University), the focus is now set on those individuals who have demonstrated lifelong sedentary behaviour. The aim of the study is to scrutinise the ways in which people who have lived their entire life in the same place make sense of their sedentary, or immobile, lifestyle.

The findings indicate that even though reasons for staying might be harder to articulate than reasons for migration, the explanations given are still complex and multi-layered. The findings also suggest that the decision to stay is not a choice made once and then never renegotiated but rather a decision made over and over again. The study also highlights the need to consider staying, as well as moving, as a conscious choice in order that we may gain a better understanding of the dynamics of staying.

Read and download the full paper here

What do Couples Argue About?
24/07/2014- News
What do Couples Argue About?
Is it housework, paid work, or money? And is there a difference between married and cohabiting couples? So far, researchers have paid little attention to disagreements within cohabiting and married couples.

A new study by Tanja Van der Lippe, Marieke Voorpostel (Utrecht University), and Belinda Hewitt (University of Queensland) aims to improve our understanding of the meaning of cohabitation by examining disagreements within marital and cohabiting relationships.

They found that cohabitors had more disagreements about housework, the same disagreements about money, but fewer disagreements about paid work than did married people. There are no gender or cross-country differences in these associations. The results provide further evidence that the meaning of cohabitation differs from that of marriage, and that this difference remains consistent across nations.

Download the full study here


Call for papers: Popdays 2015
30/09/2014- Call for papers
Call for papers: Popdays 2015
Authors are asked to upload an extended abstract (2-4 pages, in Italian or English) or the full paper and submit the title, the names of coauthors (and their affiliation) and a short abstract (max 200 words). Each contribution to the conference should be submitted to one of the following strands (strand organizers in brackets): -Families and Households (Silvia Meggiolaro) -Health, Mortality, Ageing (Cecilia Tomassini) -Fertility (Arnstein Aassve) -Migration (Salvatore Strozza) -Data and Methods (Antonella Guarneri) -Life Course (Roberto Impicciatore) -Historical Demography (Elisabetta Barbi) -Wellbeing and Inequalities (Annalisa Busetta) -Poster (Giuseppe Gabrielli) Submissions must be made online at the conference website
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