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  • All about population
    Animations, interactive screens, maps, documents and fact sheets to discover the science of demography and learn more about population. You access the latest United Nations population statistics for 230 countries and regions of the world. You can use different windows to travel from one country to another, to see how situations change over time, to rank countries or to compare them with each other. (language: English) © INED
  • Démographie sur le web
    The project aims at providing teaching resources on various demographic concepts and theory. The website is still under construction. Introduction, explanations and exercises using the Lexis Diagram are provided. (language: French) © Université catholique de Louvain
  • GEDEM's data-playground
    GEDEM's data-playground allows users to explore, visualize and download data on the composition of the population in each of the municipalities of Spain since the beginning of the XXI century,as well as on the evolution of different indexes of residential segregation and population diversity.
  • Graphics Bank
    Infographics to explain and illustrate various demographic topics (language: English) © PRB
  • New Animation on International Migration created by INED and Population Europe
    How are immigrants distributed across the globe? In which countries are they most numerous? This tool provides access to the latest United Nations statistics for 230 countries of the world. Via maps or country lists you can select your indicator to view immigrant populations, annual migratory growth and total annual population growth.
  • PopTrain
    An interactive programme which sheds light on the process of population change and its causes and effects across Europe (languages: English and Dutch) © NIDI
  • Resources for Educators
    Lesson plans, population handbook, student activities, glossaries of terms, etc. (language: English) © PRB
  • Teaching Kits
    INED has designed a series of teaching kits that describe a number of useful demographic tools and concepts. They are intended for use in primary and secondary schools as classroom teaching aids or to help teachers prepare their lessons. They cover several different themes and provide links to other teaching resources. (language: English) © INED
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