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Call for Papers

Call for Papers PAA 2018

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Before Submitting a Paper or Poster, Please Note the Following:

  • New for 2018: All presenters must pre-register by January 28 to confirm participation.
  • Schedule requests will not be considered, so when making travel arrangements, plan to attend the entire conference.
  • PAA’s two - presenter rule (detailed below) allows an individual to present only twice (four total appearances), and only those two presentations are considered for scheduling purposes. Because of the sheer volume of co-authors, we cannot consider conflicts of a non-presenting author when setting the conference session schedule.
  • If you make changes to the presenting author after the schedule has been set, please keep this in mind.
  • Organizers will not review papers from close collaborators or current students.
  • Travel awards are very limited, so please do not submit a paper if travel to the conference is based solely on the possibility of receiving a travel award.


Instructions for Submitting a Paper

  1. All presenters, discussants, chairs and session organizers must be registered for the meeting to participate. All presenting authors must pre-register for the conference by January 28 to confirm presentation. Members receive a preferred rate for annual meeting registration, and all participants are strongly encouraged to join. Learn more about PAA membership online.
  2. Submissions are made online at the 2018 Annual Meeting submission website, Online submissions will open on July 24, 2017. The  submission process is similar to past years. Authors are asked to submit both: a) a short abstract (150 words) to be entered online; and b) either an extended abstract (2-4 pages, including tables) or a completed paper to be uploaded to the website following instructions available online. Authors also are asked to identify who will present the paper (see below on the two-presenter rule adopted by PAA). Authors may modify their submissions online at any time until September 29, 2017.
  3. Extended abstracts must be sufficiently detailed to allow the session organizer to judge the merits of the paper, including a description of the topic to be studied, the theoretical focus, the data  and research methods, and the expected findings. Alternatively, authors may submit completed papers for the organizer to review. If your submission is accepted in a regular session, you must upload the full paper by April 6, 2018.
  4. The PAA 2018 submission website will allow session organizers to view the titles and authors of submitted abstracts as they are received online. The author making the submission must provide the full name, affiliation, country and email address of each coauthor for each submission.
  5. The author submitting the abstract must also identify the person who will present the paper. There will be an opportunity to change who the presenter is before the program is finalized (see below on PAA’s two-presenter rule).
  6. As in the past, all sessions are numbered. If you wish to have your abstract considered by two organizers, you must indicate the session numbers of your first and second choices on the online submission form. This gives the first designated organizer first right of acceptance. No paper/abstract may be submitted to more than two sessions. Authors submitting a paper to regular sessions may also have their paper considered for a poster session; see below for details.
  7. In addition to the 130 sessions listed in this Call for Papers, approximately 100 "overflow" sessions will be created at the request of session organizers who receive large numbers of  submissions. In choosing where to submit your paper, keep in mind that session organizers with broad session titles generally end up organizing at least two or three sessions. You should send your paper to the sessions that are closest to the topic of your paper.


Instructions for Submitting a Poster

  1. Members are encouraged to submit abstracts/papers for consideration as posters. All of the above instructions for abstract/paper submissions also apply for poster submissions. Authors who wish to submit their papers for consideration only for a poster session should submit their abstracts/papers to  Session 1202.
  2. An author who is submitting a paper to one or two regular sessions also may have the paper considered for a poster session if it is not accepted in a regular session. Authors who want their papers considered for a poster session must check "yes" in the appropriate area of the online submission form. If you do not check "yes," your paper will not be considered for a poster.


Two-Presenter Rule

The PAA Board of Directors voted to adopt a two-presentations rule for the annual meeting. Each individual may serve as the presenter for only two papers or posters (total), regardless of the number of papers and posters on which the individual is an author or co-author. Single-authored papers must be presented by the author. Each submission for inclusion on the program must indicatewho will present the paper or poster. When all sessions are finalized (that is, all papers and posters have been accepted or rejected), there will be a short time interval when presenter status can be revised so that no individual presents more than twice. Individuals may serve as chair and/or discussant in addition to making two presentations, providing the opportunity for individuals to have up to four appearances in all, counting across presenter, chair, and discussant roles.


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