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Out-migration and circular migration: Impacts on regions and communities

Sep 11

This call invites papers for the conference of the Research Network on Migration, Inter-Connectivity and Regional Development (MICaRD) organised in cooperation with the University of Warsaw. The conference focuses on the influence of migration on regional and local development, particularly in relation to out-migration and circular migration (both internal and international). The impact of these processes can be particularly strong in rural areas and small towns as the growing number of emigrants quickly translates into significant rates of emigration.Thus, less populated areas are particularly vulnerable to negative and positive consequences of out-migration. Migration commonly stems from limited development perspectives and can additionally undermine development capabilities. Consequently, local communities can be seen as convenient laboratories to conduct in-depth research on out-migration.


In recent years, many regions in Europe have faced increased emigration. Policy debates and popular media discussions usually focus on the negative aspects of out-migration, including depopulation, decline of the economic base, outflow of human capital, separated families and the emergence of euro-orphans. However, out-migration can also bring positive outcomes. Direct monetary transfers from emigrants to remaining family members marks only the most apparent positive effect of out-migration.


The aim of the conference is to stimulate debate on the multidimensional relations between out- migration, circular migration and various aspects of regional and local developments. Moving the discussion forward, a key focus will be on new international linkages, links between internal and international migration, and networks that emerge, as well as the role that these can play in developing new approaches to policy and wider collaboration between regions. To this end, the conference seeks papers that employ innovative, inter-disciplinary, trans-disciplinary and critical approaches – however traditional research is also welcomed.


Scholars and practitioners are invited to submit theoretical and empirical papers that address one of the following topics:

1. Costs and benefits of outmigration and circular migration.

2. Out-migration and regional and local development policy.

3. Critical studies of out-migration and circular migration.

4. Links between international and internal migration.

5. EU migrants, circular migration and the implications of Brexit.

6. Data, measures and methods for out-migration and circular migration studies.

Conference format

  • The conference will be composed of 90-minute sessions. Each session will accommodate three 20-minute presentations, a 10-minute discussant responses and a 20-minute general discussion.
  • To enable in-depth discussion, presenters will be asked to submit full papers before the conference. All the papers will be distributed among conference participants in advance.
  • Selected participants will be ask to chair a session or to be a discussant.
  • At the end of the conference, publication ideas for presented papers will be discussed (e.g.thematic issue of an established journal).
  • The conference will be held in English.
Event information
11/09/2017 - 12/09/2017
University of Warsaw
Warsaw, Poland