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Demography drives Europe's Future - the Population Europe Information Centre will help you navigate!

"Retirement age rise", "work-life balance", "healthcare reform", "intergenerational solidarity" or "integration of migrants": If any of these topics or similar ones have been on your agenda as a journalist lately, then demography matters to you. We know that it is not always easy to find the right facts, figures, and experts to add reputable and evidence-based information to the latest headlines – and this is where our media team at Population Europe can help you.

With a range of tailor-made publications Population Europe provides you with the latest research findings in the area of population and policy from leading research centres across Europe:

  • Population Insights: This concise quarterly publication looks at three cutting edge issues around demographic change and its causes and consequences for policy, society, and the economy in each issue. It is available on our website and we can also send it to you as a hard copy, please write an eMail to with the subject line “Population Insights subscription”.
  • PopDigests: Demographic analyses can be quite complex. Our PopDigests will help you to quickly identify key messages and what they mean. Each PopDigest summarises key findings of one recent article in leading peer-reviewed journals. They are easy to read, provide relevant tables and figures. A specific filter with thematic keywords or country selection helps you to search for the topics that interest you most. For some of our PopDigests translations in German, French, and Spanish are also available.
  • Population & Policy Bites: Our new blog started in November 2015 and offers perspectives on the entire range of demographic trends and policies. Contributors of this blog are leading researchers in the fields of population studies and social policy in Europe as well as experts from various sectors of society.
  • In the Statements section you can find contributions to the debate on demographic developments that are of public interest, interviews and discussion papers.
  • Population Europe’s policy brief series “Population & Policy Compact” comprehensively summarises cutting-edge research results and provides policy recommenda­tions on specific population topics.
  • Population Europe Inter-Faces: In our videos, Population Europe experts explain their latest research findings in a clear and compelling way.
  • Population Europe Expert Profiles: Looking for a competent interview partner? Our expert profiles will provide you with information on specialists covering a wide range of population and policy issues across Europe. Please send your inquiries to and we will get you in touch with our experts.
  • Press Releases: Send-outs on important demographic issues
  • Press Kits: Collections of publications on certain topics
  • Newsletter: You would like to be regularly informed about all of Population Europe’s publications and events? Subscribe to our quarterly eMail-newsletter. Just send an email to

Whenever you need to know more about population trends and related policy issues, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone. We are also happy to include you in our mailing list and keep you informed about Population Europe's activities.



Dr Harald Wilkoszewski, Head of the Information Centre, Brussels


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