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Professorship for Survey Statistics and Data Analysis

In a joint appointment procedure, the University of Bamberg and the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories would like to fill the vacancy of the position of the Head of Department “Research Data Center and Method Development” at the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories and the Professorship (W3) for Survey Statistics and Data Analysis at the earliest possible date as a non-tenured employee with a contract initially limited to five years.


An extension is, however, possible. Following positive evaluation, a designated permanent professorship will be available. The position of the Head of Department “Research Data Center and Method Development” is limited to a 5-year term of contract followed by the possibility of reappointment.


The Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi) is a member of the Leibniz Association, which consists of over 90 research and infrastructure facilities in Germany. The LIfBi is a legally independent research-based infrastructure facility affiliated with the University of Bamberg, conducting research in the field of longitudinal education research. In particular, the Institute is responsible for carrying out the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS). The main target of this long-term project is to provide representative data about the development of competencies and educational trajectories in Germany. Therefore, the LIfBi closely collaborates with a nationwide network of excellence (NEPS Network). In addition to the NEPS, the LIfBi carries out several significant studies funded by third parties. For further information about LIfBi please visit


The potential candidate will be responsible for managing the Department “Research Data Center and Method Development” at the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories in Bamberg. His or her research should focus on the area of statistical methodological research regarding data analysis of large-scale panel studies in an interdisciplinary context. The candidate is expected to have profound knowledge of empirical research methodology—such as, for example, in the fields of econometrics or psychometrics, the analysis of incomplete data, sampling and weighting, or linking survey and administrative data.


The position will be combined with a professorship at the Faculty of Human Sciences and Education or at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics, and Business Administration at the University of Bamberg. Candidates will generally be expected to network with educational research facilities at the University of Bamberg, the Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences (BAGSS), as well as with key research areas of the University of Bamberg as a whole. Contributions to Bachelor, Master, and the (discontinued) Diploma programs of the Faculty, especially the Master’s degree course “Survey Statistics”, are part of the field of duties. Potential candidates are encouraged to teach courses in a foreign language and to actively participate in academic further education.


Moreover, the professorship entails a teaching load of 2 weekly hours per semester. Applicants must have international acclaim; they have to provide in-depth knowledge and be nationally as well as internationally renowned in the field of survey statistics and data analysis. Experience of managing research projects conducted within large research alliances and the acquisition of third-party funding are further prerequisites. The relevant qualifications consist of a completed academic degree, pedagogical suitability, a special talent for scientific activities generally proven through the quality of a doctorate, and, in addition to this, further academic achievements. Additional scientific credentials must be certified by a Habilitation or equivalent academic qualification, which may also have been obtained through activities outside of higher education or as part of a junior professorship. International applications are expressly welcome. The competence and willingness to teach in English are a prerequisite.


The faculty aims to increase the percentage of women in research and teaching and, therefore, welcomes applications by female scientists. Severely disabled applicants with essentially identical qualifications will be preferentially selected. The University of Bamberg has been certified as a family- friendly university by the Hertie Foundation and, therefore, campaigns for the compatibility of family and professional life. It promotes the equality of women and men in employment. The University of Bamberg is a member of the regional Dual Career Network (DCNN). It supports the partners of newly appointed professors. Detailed information can be found on the website of the Dual Career Network of Northern Bavaria (


Submitting Applications

Usual application documents (curriculum vitae, list of publications and lecturing activities, copies of references and certificates) in German or English are to be sent before August 18, 2017, to Prof. Dr. Sandra Buchholz, Director of the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories, (Wilhelmsplatz 3, 96047 Bamberg) and additionally by e-mail to: As we will not return your application documents, please do not post any originals. 



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