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Family Formation in Flux – Causes, Consequences and Possible Futures



Family Formation in Flux – Causes, Consequences and Possible Futures
FLUX is a six-year research project funded by the Strategic Research Council (SRC) established within the Academy of Finland.
It is part of the SRC Programme Demographic Changes – Causes, Consequences and Solutions, DEMOGRAPHY, 2021–2027.



The multidisciplinary FLUX consortium seeks evidence-based solutions for influencing and adapting to changes in fertility dynamics that accelerate population ageing. The overarching goal is to improve the social and economic sustainability of Finnish society. FLUX focuses on the changing fertility and family dynamics in Finland and provides insights into (1) the underlying causes of the changes, (2) the effects these changes have on individuals and society, (3) the linkages of the dynamics with social and gender inequalities and psychosocial and economic well-being, and (4) how social and family policies at both the state and local government levels can tackle the challenges created by the low-fertility landscape. FLUX brings together leading researchers from demography and other key disciplines (sociology, psychology, economics, epidemiology, social policy, data science) relevant to understanding the causes and consequences of changing fertility and family dynamics. Our research uses excellent register, survey, and qualitative data.


Directors and management

PI, Consortium director: Marika Jalovaara, University of Turku
Deputy consortium director: Mikko Myrskylä, University of Helsinki
Responsible for interaction activities: Erika Lilja, University of Turku
Consortium coordinator: Mari Leino, University of Turku


FLUX subprojects

Department of Social Research, INVEST Flagship, University of Turku (UTU)
Subproject leader Marika Jalovaara

Center for Social Data Science, University of Helsinki (UH CSDS)
Subproject leader Mikko Myrskylä

Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki (UH EDU)
Subproject leader Katariina Salmela-Aro

Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics, Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU)
Subproject leader Eva Österbacka

Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, INVEST Flagship (THL)
Subproject leader Pasi Moisio

Finnish Centre for Pensions (ETK)
Subproject leader Heikki Tikanmäki


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