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"Popolazione e Politica" - E-Book from Neodemos

This book brings together 25 contributions, which appeared on Neodemos within the last two years, and that touch upon a variety of themes shared by a political value, both because they influence its course and because politics is the cause and root of it. Contributions are grouped in five parts:

  • World
  • International migration
  • Integration and foreign presence
  • Family, children, gender
  • Youth, development and welfare.

Each section is preceded by an introduction aimed at linking the topics discussed and indicating any further study to be undertaken. Policies (unless they are practised with an iron hand and in contempt of civil liberties) can certainly overwhelm profoundly incisive trends in society, but may seek to understand their mechanisms, mitigate their consequences, and act to change the external conditions that affect individual decisions.

More information can be found here (in Italian)