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Call for Papers

Call for Papers: Second International Forum on Migration Statistics (IFMS)


Call for papers and parallel sessions

The IFMS 2020 will include between 15 and 20 parallel sessions, each lasting 90 minutes, in addition to plenary sessions with high-level experts. You are encouraged to submit proposals to:

  • Organize a parallel session as an individual expert, institution, or in partnership with others;
  • Submit a paper or a report to be to be incorporated into a workshop/panel.

You will be required to submit the abstract of your paper (or a short description of your proposed parallel session), as well as the CV of lead the author(s) (or session organizer for parallel sessions). In case you propose a parallel section, you will also be asked to list all panel speakers, and clarify if any of them are interested in applying for a travel grant.

If you have any additional information that you would like to share with the organizers – for example, if a parallel session is co-organized or if you already have and want to share the presentation titles for your proposed session – please include it in the comments section at the end of your submission.

Participation in the IFMS 2020 is free of charge but attendees are expected to cover their own travel costs. A limited number of grants will be available for participants from developing countries.

The Forum will be held in English with interpretation in French, Arabic and Portuguese available during plenary sessions. You are welcome to propose sessions in any language, although we ask that you please submit your applications (including abstracts) in English. 

How will the selection be made?

Proposals will be assessed by the IFMS 2020 Programme Committee on the following criteria:

  • Full application according to the submission guidelines
  • Importance of the topic to advancing the statistical agenda on migration and its impacts 
  • Credential and experience of the session organizer and proposed panelists (session) or of presenter (paper) 
  • Gender balance of proposed panelists  
  • Adequacy of available experience and knowledge on the topic allowing exploration of the proposed issues in sufficient detail and with reference to concrete examples  
  • Complementarity of the topic with other accepted session proposals, to allow for a diverse and well-balanced programme

For general inquiries about IFMS 2020 please write to: IFMS2020 [at]