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Discussion Paper

Discussion Paper No. 3: EU Civil Society and Demographic Change (2015)

This paper focuses on the views and concepts of European civil society actors on the issue of demographic change and related fields. Chapter 1 clarifies the scope of this paper in terms of how EU civil society is understood, what aspects of demographic change and population policy are considered and which period of time is cov­ered. Chapter 2 provides examples of institutionalised forms of exchange between the EU and civil society organisations at the European Commission level in areas relevant to the issue of demographic change. Chapter 3 focuses on activities and positions related to demographic change by the European Economic and Social Committee, which – as a consultative body of the EU – provides representatives of economic and social interest groups a formal platform to express their opinions on EU issues. Chapter 4 presents selected EU civil society organisa­tions that are active in the fields relevant to this paper and gives an overview of how they approach these issues and what aspects they have considered to be particularly important in the last five years. In chapter 5 we offer some final conclusions.