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Event Review

Implication of Brexit for EU migrants

Joint Workshop and Panel Debate with CPC
May 10

On 10 May 2016, the Centre for Population Change CPC held two meetings in Westminster/London. Population Europe was a co-organiser of these events.

The morning event saw the CPC research teams present their interim findings to an audience of policy-makers, academics, charity workers and journalists, followed by questions and discussion which will feed into their continuing research. Videos of the presentations can be seen on the CPC YouTube channel:

Who are EU migrants?
Should I stay or should I go?
Expense turns to investment

In the afternoon a public panel debate chaired by BBC Radio 4's Mark Mardell invited members of the general public to discuss with the panel, which was comprised of our CPC researchers, Don Flynn from the Migrants' Rights Network and Adrian Favell from the University of Leeds. There was much lively discussion, with topics ranging from the economic contribution of migrants to the work of the UK Border Police. After the event, when questioned, 70% of the audience said that they felt they understood more about the implications of a possible Brexit for EU migrants, while more than half said they would talk to friends and colleagues about the issues raised in the debate.

Briefing Papers

For further reading and a more in-depth look at the research projects, please have a look through the CPC briefing papers.

Who are EU migrants in England and Wales?
Expense turns to investment: How the welfare state supports EU migrants' economic achievements
Should I stay or should I go? Strategies of EU citizens living in the UK in the context of the EU referendum
The Demographic Impact of the EU Referendum EU Migrants in the UK