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Event Review

Opening of the Population Europe Brussels Office

Jan 14
  • Professor James W. Vaupel (Director MPIDR, middle), Dr Andreas Edel (Executive Secretary, right), Dr Harald Wilkoszewski (Head of the Information Centre, left)
On 31 March 2015 the Population Europe Information Centre was officially opened in Brussels by James W. Vaupel, Executive Director of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research and Chair of the Population Europe Board of Trustees, with a talk on “The Remarkable Rise of Longevity – Implication for Individuals and for Societies”.
On behalf of the Max Planck Society, Andres Rojas-del-Rio welcomed Population Europe in the heart of Europe’s capital: just like the network’s Secretariat in Berlin, the network’s Brussels Office is hosted by the Max Planck Society.
In their speeches, Andreas Edel, Executive Secretary of Population Europe, and Harald Wilkoszewski, Head of Population Europe's Information Centre and Brussels Office, stressed the important opportunities for the network that will emerge from the new office. Andreas Edel said: “This step will help to intensify the knowledge exchange between researchers, policy-makers, and NGOs, and to continue the network’s successful work.”
Photos: Patrick I. Dick