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Brain Health Across the Lifespan: A Lifebrain, Silver Santé Study, and German Brain Council Conference

Nov 06

About this Event

A healthy brain is essential for enjoying a good and autonomous life. Various social, occupational, lifestyle and other environmental factors can influence brain health. At the conference “Brain health across the lifespan”, scientists will discuss the latest experimental approaches and evidence from two major European research consortia regarding the impact of socioeconomic factors, physical activity, nutrition, and mental training on cognitive function, mental health, and well-being throughout life. These results will also be explored in light of prevention and intervention strategies for brain disorders. The conference will gather European speakers from different research areas including psychology, neurology, neuroimaging, psychiatry, genetics, molecular biology, and medicine.

Researchers and healthcare professionals with an interest in cognitive and mental health, representatives from patient groups and professional societies, patients, and anyone with an interest in brain health are invited to attend.

The event is jointly organized by the EU Horizon 2020 projects Lifebrain and Silver Santé Study (Medit-Ageing )*, and the German Brain Council.

Download the conference programme.

About the Organizers

Lifebrain (coordinated by the University of Oslo, Norway - focuses on environmental, social, occupational, and lifestyle factors influencing brain health. Lifebrain includes 13 partners integrating data from 6000 European research participants collected in 11 European brain-imaging studies from 7 countries.

Silver Santé Study (Medit-Ageing, led by INSERM, France - focuses on the effect of mental training techniques, such as meditation and language-learning, on mental health and well-being in the ageing population. This 5-year project has 11 partners in 6 countries.

The German Brain Council (GBC - is a non-profit umbrella organization aiming to promote science and research dealing with diseases of the human nervous system. GBC brings together the latest knowledge on the human nervous system and gives advice on social, political and scientific questions, both on a German and a European level. GBC gathers scientific associations, patient organizations and other non-profit organizations.


Anyone wishing to attend must register. A maximum of 180 tickets are available on a first come, first served basis. Deadline for registrations is 1st October, 2019.

* The Silver Santé Study (Medit-Ageing) and Lifebrain have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreements number 667696 and 732592 respectively.

Event information
Lifebrain, Silver Santé Study, and German Brain Council
Harnack House