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“How to get to 100 and enjoy it” - Find out how our population is changing in a unique interactive exhibition!

May 23

A long and healthy life, isn’t that what we all wish for?  But what are your chances of living to 100? Can you influence this? How do your early years, your family life, where  you live, your lifestyle and your work affect these chances? 

With one in two Dutch babies expected to live to 100 nowadays, these questions have never been more relevant. Especially now we are 17 million in the Netherlands.

Using iPad technology you can learn about the most important  changes in our population through interactive games, quizzes, pictures, interviews and easy- to-understand graphics and texts.

We are all experiencing the changes which  accompany  a longer life, including smaller families, an ageing and more diverse population, and increasing life expectancy. If you are interested how you can navigate your future life, then you should visit our interactive exhibition.


The exhibition is open to all and admission is free.

Venue: Atrium Stadhuis, The Hague, The Netherlands

23 May to 3 June 2016


Would you like to know more? Join the NIDI lunch lectures (in Dutch):

  • 24 May: The Practice of Growing Older, David van Bodegom, Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing
  • 25 May: What are your Chances of Growing Old, Joop de Beer, NIDI
  • 31 May: Social Participation of Older Persons: Fables and Facts, Jenny Gierveld, NIDI
  • 1 June: Old but not Dementing: What can we Learn from Centenarians?, Henne Holstegge, VUM

Where: NIDI, Lange Houtstraat 19, The Hague (walking distance from the Atrium)

Time: 12.00 -13.00 hrs

Registration required at: lecture [at]


Event information
23/05/2016 - 03/06/2016
Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute
Lange Houtstraat 19
The Hague