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International Seminar on Lifespan Extension with Varying Cause-of-death Trajectories in European Societies

Feb 11

In this concluding seminar of the IUSSP Scientific Panel on Lifespan extension with Varying Cause-of-Death Trajectories – after successful sessions in India, Brazil and South-Africa – we are interested in the underlying causes of varying cause-of-death trajectories leading to the same high life expectancy levels by identifying and describing different types of specific mortality trajectories, and explaining how different trajectories in European Societies may have originated from: 


  • genetic and other biological potentials;
  • environmental factors;
  • ethnicity;
  • social behavior;
  • economic infrastructure;
  • religion and national history;
  • legal system and social security incentives;
  • health system characteristics.


This seminar will bring together senior researchers (with a doctoral degree or equivalent) in population genetics, epidemiology, demography, health care economics and sociology and related fields as well as a limited number of doctoral students or otherwise advanced graduates. The seminar will provide an opportunity to present new work on the topics listed above and closely related topics. 

Event information
11/02/2019 - 13/02/2019
Rauischholzhausen Castle (Hessen)
Rauischholzhausen, Germany