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New Partner Institute: CLIC

Population Europe welcomes the Comparative Life Course and Inequality Research Centre (CLIC) at the European University Institute (EUI) as their 32nd partner in the Network of Europe's Leading Demographic Research Centres.

The Comparative Life Course and Inequality Research Centre (CLIC) is based at the Department of Political and Social Sciences that has a strong reputation in the fields of political science and sociology. Much of the sociological research done in the department and specifically at CLIC has for a long time concerned population issues, such as family formation and dissolution, transition to adulthood, family and labor markets, and also children, inequality, and social mobility. Since the establishment of CLIC, this research has become more tightly co-ordinated.

European University Institute is an international organization focusing on doctoral and post-doctoral training and research at the highest level in the political and social sciences, law, economics and history. Its founding agreement guarantees independence from political parties and pressure-groups, and other such instances. The EUI a strong tradition in knowledge dissemination and contacts with decision makers, particularly in the European institutions.

We look very much forward to our collaboration and cordially welcome our colleagues!