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Newly Announced Massimo Livi Bacci Award

Deadline for nominations: 1 June 2019

Massimo Livi Bacci's long and outstanding scientific activity has addressed various aspects of Italian and world population, in terms of current development as well as historical perspectives. His work is characterized by frequent incursions into disciplinary fields different to his central demographic interests, in order to both better understand the issues addressed and, at the same time, offer extensive comparative analysis framed by the long run. Indeed, Massimo Livi Bacci has produced some large and intense "frescoes" on the history of population. The books he has published in recent decades include: The Population of Europe. A History (Blackwell, 1999); Conquest. The Destruction of Native Americans (Polity 2008); A Concise History of World Population (fourth edition: Blackwell, 2006); Eldorado in the Marshes. Gold, Slaves and Souls between the Andes and the Amazon (Polity, 2010); A Short History of Migration (Polity, 2012); Amazzonia. L’impero dell’acqua, 1500-1800 (2012); and Our Shrinking Planet (Polity, 2017).

Massimo Livi Bacci, born in Florence, 1936, graduated in Political Science at the University of Florence. He then studied at Brown University, supported by a Fulbright fellowship. His academic career began at the University of Rome, and in 1966 he moved to the University of Florence with a full professorship in Demography. He has spent periods teaching and conducting research in the United States, in Mexico, in Brazil and in various European countries. He has received honorary degrees from the University of Liège and Universidad Complutense of Madrid. He is a member of the national “Lincei” Academy of Rome (since 1985), of the American Philosophical Society (since 2004) and of the Japan Academy (2008). In 2001 he was awarded the Invernizzi Prize (Economics). In his long career Massimo Livi Bacci has published a number of scientific books, essays and articles; has organized meetings and conferences; has directed and coordinated research groups; has cofounded scientific societies; and has been a consultant to many institutions, in Italy and abroad. For twenty years he was at the head – first as Secretary General, later as President – of the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP). He has been responsible for the scientific organization of the major world population conferences sponsored every four years by IUSSP, in Mexico (1977), Manila (1981), Florence (1985), New Delhi (1989) and Montreal (1993), and initiated the contacts for the conference held in Beijing in 1997. He is currently honorary president of IUSSP and Professor Emeritus of the University of Florence.

For the first time the ESHD will honour one of its members by bestowing its Massimo Livi Bacci Award. The Massimo Livi Bacci Award has been established by the European Society of Historical Demography to recognize the life-time achievements of outstanding ESHD members. Contributions to the advancement of historical demography and distinguished service rendered to the ESHD will be considered in the judging of the award. The ESHD membership nominates candidates for this award and members of the ESHD designated by the Council will select the successful candidate by secret ballot after careful review of each candidate’s dossier and testimonials.

You can nominate candidates to secretary [at] before the 1st of June 2019.

Link to the official announcement.