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Research Networks as an Interface between the Public and Science

Contribution to the book "Public Social Science"

In the newly published book Öffentliche Gesellschaftswissen (Public Social Science) by Stefan Selke and Annette Treibel, several members of the Population Europe Secretariat collaborated on a chapter to share the best-practice experiences of Population Europe as a demographic research network. The chapter explains how the network assists leading researchers and research institutions in Europe in connecting with political and societal decision-makers, as well as the general public. In our contribution, we show that research networks can create the necessary frameworks for successful scientific communication and dissemination of policy information, making Population Europe an example of an effective interface between science and the public.


The book and the chapter is available in German: Edel, A., Lines, E., López-Falcón, D., Wilkoszewski, H., and A. Zimmermann (2018): Forschungsnetzwerke als Öffentlichkeitskatalysatoren für die Wissenschaft: Wissenschaftskommunikation und Politikinformation am Beispiel des internationalen Netzwerks Population Europe. In: S. Selke and A. Treibel (Eds.): Öffentliche Gesellschaftswissen. Wiesbaden: Springer Verlag: 269-287.