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Policy Brief

Vulnerability in Times of Family Diversity

A Practitioners’ View

Key messages:

  • Practitioners can provide valuable insights into the situation of today’s vulnerable families and help delineate areas where policy interventions are essential.

  • No family configuration inevitably leads to vulnerability, but some are more “at risk” than others. Decisive for family wellbeing is the ability to combine family life with paid employment.

  • From the practitioners’ perspective, policy measures to support families in need and to prevent the “reproduction of vulnerability” from one generation to another should focus particularly on education and the reconciliation of family and working life.



Mynarska, M., Riederer, B., Jaschinski, I., Krivanek, D., Neyer, G. and L. Oláh (2015): Vulnerability of families with children: Major risks, future challenges and policy recommendations. FamiliesAndSocieties Working Paper 49 (2015).