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Migrations and Occupational Health: Understanding the Risks for Eastern European Migrant Women - MigOccH

Early stage researcher or 0-4 yrs (Post graduate)

Migrant women's occupational health is the core interests of MigOccH. Women represent the majority of immigrant population living in Italy, however few research has been done on migrant women's health and in particular on their occupational health. 

It is an innovative and multidisciplinary empirical research where sociological and epidemiological knowledge will be merged. 

The research will be carried out in Padova and it will focus on resident migrant women belonging to two national groups highly female-dominant, namely Romanians and Moldovans. 

It will be a multi-method research, including:

1) 15 structured interviews with key informants;

2) one random sampling survey among female migrant workers, with a validated questionnaire to measure occupational health;

3) 60 in-depth interviews with migrant domestic workers.

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University of Padova