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PhD Project: Health-related behaviour and working conditions

In collaboration with the insurance company Vitality, RAND Europe has been collecting data on health, health-related behaviour and working conditions from managers and employees in a number of UK workplaces since 2012 via the Britain’s Healthiest Workplace survey. Typically, around 200 to 300 workplaces and about 30,000 employees participate in the survey on an annual basis, and about 4,000 employees participate year on year. The survey asks employees about 150 questions about their health, their experience of the workplace and access to health and wellbeing interventions. We ask their employers a wider set of questions about the work environment. A subset of questions is asked both to management and employees. Response rates from businesses vary considerably. Workplaces are anonymised but have an identifier that enables research questions related to workplace working conditions and wellbeing. Some of the findings from the survey can be seen in this report

We invite applications for an PhD studentship to use this dataset as the core of a PhD project. There is no specific steer – we are interested to hear from prospective students who can use this data to address societal challenges and to advance knowledge. However, some of the topics the student might work on include: examining relationships between productivity and wellbeing, sleep, working hours, professional background; looking at trends in physical and mental wellbeing and their correlates; developing methods to predict risks to health and wellbeing.  The ‘supervisor’ from RAND would be Christian van Stolk.

Deadline 7th April 2019

Reference number MN31


Project Details

Lead Supervisor: Tarani Chandola

Other Supervisors: Cary Cooper, Reka Solyosi

Partners: University of Manchester

External Partners: Rand

Start Date: September 2019

More information
United Kingdom
University of Manchester

Project Supervisor: tarani.chandola [at] (Tarani Chandola)