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Population Europe Inter-Faces: Athina Vlachantoni

An interview with Athina Vlachantoni (University of Southampton) on work-life-balance.


1. Balancing my work and family life with two kids sometimes feels very stressful to me and I worry what effects this might have on my health when I get older. What are the experiences of women who are over 60?

2. Does it make a difference whether women worked full-time, part-time, or interrupted their career to stay at home with the children?

3. Combining work and family duties often means career breaks and earning less – to what extent is this offset by “social capital”?

4. If combining family and work is good for your health in later life, what could policy makers do to make this model more popular with men?

The Population Europe Inter-Face Series has been published with financial support from the Progress programme of the European Union in the framework of the project ”Supporting a Partnership for Enhancing Europe’s Capacity to Tackle Demographic and Societal Change”.