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Population Europe Inter-Faces: Clara H. Mulder

"The share of childless people is not that much bigger than it used to be" - an interview with Clara H. Mulder.


1. What are the most significant changes in intergenerational relations in the last decades?

2. In the future, won't it be mainly the elderly who will need help from their children?

3. So you don't fear a looming war between the generations?

4. Will it make a difference that less people live in traditional families?

5. How can childless people stay involved with younger generations when they get older?

6. Will childless older people encourage policies that are against the interests of younger generations?

7. Are there any policies that could help facilitate good intergenerational relations outside traditional family networks?

The Population Europe Inter-Face Series has been published with financial support from the Progress programme of the European Union in the framework of the project ”Supporting a Partnership for Enhancing Europe’s Capacity to Tackle Demographic and Societal Change”.