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Population Europe Inter-Faces: Francesco Billari

"We need to trust others if we have to rely on them taking care of our kids" - an interview with Francesco Billari.


1. As an expert in fertility behaviour, which recent development in that field would you consider most significant?

2. Does that mean policy can make an impact on birth rates, or is it rather economies that matter?

3. What other factors are important in the context of fertility?

4. How can you explain that countries like Spain and Italy, where large families were highly valued, nevertheless faced significant declines in fertility in the last decades?

5. What role could migration play in the context of declining fertility rates?

The Population Europe Inter-Face Series has been published with financial support from the Progress programme of the European Union in the framework of the project ”Supporting a Partnership for Enhancing Europe’s Capacity to Tackle Demographic and Societal Change”.