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Population Europe Inter-Faces: Tom Emery

An interview with Tom Emery (Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute, Erasmus University Rotterdam) on family support.


1. The media often report about increasing numbers of young adults depending on long-term financial support from their parents. But none of my friends or myself actually receive this kind of support – so, how dependent is this generation on their parents?

2. Who are the “lucky few”? Do they all have wealthy parents or are there any other common characteristics?

3. Is financial support from the family bigger in countries where the economy is suffering?

4. What about special occasions like getting married - is financial help from parents crucial for these events?

The Population Europe Inter-Face Series has been published with financial support from the Progress programme of the European Union in the framework of the project ”Supporting a Partnership for Enhancing Europe’s Capacity to Tackle Demographic and Societal Change”.