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Dr Amparo González-Ferrer: Managing Migration in Europe – Beyond the Refugee Crisis

Europe’s refugee crisis is neither exclusively European nor limited to refugees, but rather symptomatic of the challenges facing the continent’s wider migration management strategies in an evolving global migration landscape. It is clear Europe’s disparate and often disjointed strategies will have to adapt to many types of movement as the already-thin line between economic migrant and refugee is blurred by climate change. Aging and increasingly globalised competition for talent will further complicate demands on policymakers. To make needed adjustments, however, movement patterns and their drivers must first be understood.

To dive deeper into one of Europe’s most pressing issues, we invite you to speak with Dr Amparo González-Ferrer, Senior Research Fellow at the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) and Coordinator of the TEMPER Project, an EU-funded research project investigating the benefits and costs of circular migration in Europe.

Dr González-Ferrer, whose research ranges from the motivations of international migrants to their integration, will present the work of the TEMPER Project and discuss strategies for better migration management in Europe in an exclusive webinar for Population Europe. Following her presentation, she will take your questions about her research, the TEMPER Project, and what they reveal about migration policy in Europe.