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The Population Europe Yearbook provides an annual overview of the network's publications, its authors, and topics.

Policy Brief

Mortelmans, D. & L. Bernardi (2018): Supporting Lone Parents and Their Children in Europe. Insights from a Dialogue Between Researchers and Policy Makers. Berlin: Max Planck Society/Population Europe.

Pop Digest

Van Winkle, Zachary; Struffolino, Emanuela: “When Working Isn’t Enough: Family Demographic Processes & In-Work Poverty across the Life Course”, in: Demographic Research, Volume 39
Bujard, M. and Scheller, M. (2017). Impact of regional factors on cohort fertility: New estimations at the district level in Germany. Comparative Population Studies 42, 55-88
Anne-Marie Jeannet: Revisiting the labor market competition hypothesis in a comparative perspective: Does retirement affect opinion about immigration?, Research and Politics, July-September 2018: 1–8
Rampazzo, F., Zagheni, E., Weber, I., Testa, M.R., & Billari, F. C. (2018). Mater certa est, pater numquam: What can Facebook advertising data tell us about male fertility rates? In: J. Hancock (Ed.), Proceedings of the Twelfth International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media: 25-28 June 2018, Stanford, California. Palo Alto, CA: AAAI Press. Forthcoming.
Tjaden, J. D., Schwemmer, C. & Khadjavi, M (2018). Ride with Me—Ethnic Discrimination, Social Markets, and the Sharing Economy. European Sociological Review, online first -
Torssander, J.,  Moustgaard, H., Peltonen, R., Kilpi, F. & Martikainen, P. (2018). Partner Resources and Incidence and Survival in Two Major Causes of Death. SSM - Population Health, 4, 271-279.
van der Wiel, R., Mulder, C. H. & Bailey, A. (2018). Pathways to commitment in living-apart-together relationships in the Netherlands: A study on satisfaction, alternatives, investments and social support. Advances in Life Course Research, 36, 13-22.
Brinton, M.C., Bueno, X., Olah, L. and Hellum, M. (2018): Postindustrial Fertility Ideals, Intentions, and Gender Inequality: A Comparative Qualitative Analysis, Population and Development Review, 44(2): 281-309.
Wagner, M. & Brandt, M. (2018). Long-term Care Provision and the Well-Being of Spousal Caregivers: An Analysis of 138 European Regions. The Journals of Gerontology: Series B, 73(4), e24–e34.
Martinsen, L., Ottersen, T., Dieleman, J. L., et al (2018). Do less populous countries receive more development assistance for health per capita? Longitudinal evidence for 143 countries, 1990–2014. BMJ Global Health 3(1).
Albertini, M., M. Gähler, & J. Härkönen (2018): Moving back to ”mamma”? Divorce, intergenerational coresidence, and latent family solidatiry in Sweden. Population, Space and Place e2142.
Kreyenfeld, M., Geisler, E., Castro Martín, T., Hannemann, T., Heintz-Martin, V., Jalovaara, M., Kulu, H., Meggiolaro, S., Mortelmans, D., Pasteels, I., Seiz, M. & A. Solaz (2017): Social Policies, Separation, and Second Birth Spacing in Western Europe. Demographic Research 37(37): 1245-1274.
Permyakova, N.V., & S. Billingsley (2017): Men’s health and co-residence with older generations in Russia: better or worse? Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.
Tjaden, J. & C. Hunkler (2017): The optimism trap: Migrants’ educational choices in stratified educational systems. Social Science Research 67: 213-228.  
Hanga, K., DiNitto, D. M.; Wilken, J. P. & L. Leppik (2017): A Person-Centred Approach in Initial Rehabilitation Needs Assessment: Experiences of Persons with Disabilities. Alter European Journal of Disability Research 11(4): 251-266.

Policy Insights

Research News

Vidal-Coso, E. & E. Ortega-Rivera (2017): "Skill Composition and Occupational Incorporation of Early and Recent Immigrants in Switzerland: The Case of Italians and Spaniards." International Migration 55(51): 86-111.
Zarulli, V., Barthold, J. A., Oksuzyan, A., Lindahl-Jacobsen, R., Christensen, K. & J. W. Vaupel (2018): Women Live Longer Than Men Even During Severe Famines and Epidemics. PNAS Early Edition.

Discussion Paper

Vono de Vilhena, Daniela (2018): Discussion Paper No. 7: Knowing the Unknown: Irregular Migration in Germany. Berlin: Population Europe.
Vaupel, James V. & A. Edel (ed.) (2017): Discussion Paper No. 6: Green Book Ageing Society: How “new ageing” will change our lives. Berlin: Population Europe.