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The Population Europe Yearbook provides an annual overview of the network's publications, its authors, and topics.

Research News

Mencarini, L., Hernández Farias, D. I., Lai, M., Patti, V., Sulis, E. & Vignoli, D. (2019). Happy parents' tweets: An exploratioin of Italian Twitter data using sentiment analysis. Demographic Research 40(25): 693-724.
Torres, C., Canudas-Romo, V, & Oeppen, J. (2019). The contribution of urbanization to changes in life expectancy in Scotland, 1861–1910. Population Studies: 1-18.
Claessens, E. & Mortelmans, D. (2018). Challenges for child support schemes: Accounting for shared care and complex families. Journal of European Social Policy 28(3): 211–223.
Radó, M. & Boissonneault, M. (2018). Short and long-term change in subjective well-being among voluntary and involuntary retirees. The Journal of the Economics of Ageing 12.
Aburto, J. M. & Beltrán-Sánchez, H. (2019). Upsurge of homicides and its impact on life expectancy and life span inequality in Mexico, 2005–2015. American Journal of Public Health 109(3): 483-489.
Boertien, D. & Bernardi, F. (2019). Same-Sex Parents and Children’s School Progress: An Association That Disappeared Over Time. Demography, First Online.
Goisis, A., Remes, H., Martikainen, P., Klemetti, R. & Myrskylä, M. (2019). Medically assisted reproduction and adverse birth outcomes: have the risks been overestimated? The Lancet.

Policy Insights

Juárez, S.P., Honkaniemi, H., Dunlavy, A. C., Aldridge, R. W., Barreto, M. L., Katikireddi, S. V. & Rostila, M. (2019). Effects of non-health-targeted policies on migrant health: a systematic review and meta-analysis. The Lancet Global Health 7(4): PE420-E435.
Módenes Cabrerizo, J. (2019). The Unsustainable Rise of Residential Insecurity in Spain. Perspectives Demogràfiques, no. 13.

Pop Digest

Mussino, E. and Ortensi, L. E. (2019): The Same Fertility Ideals as in the Country of Origin? A Study of the Personal Ideal Family Size among Immigrant Women in Italy. Comparative Population Studies 43: 243-274.
Caselli, G., Battaglini, M. & Capacci, G. (2018). Cohort Analysis of Gender Gap after One Hundred Years Old: The Role of Differential Migration and Survival Trajectories. Journal of Ageing Science 6(3).
Mencarini, L., Vignoli, D., Zeydanli, T. & Kim, J. (2018). Life satisfaction favors reproduction. The universal positive effect of life satisfaction on childbearing in contemporary low fertility countries. PLoS ONE 13(12): e0206202.
Mussino, E., Tervola, J. & Duvander, A.-Z. (2018). Decomposing the Determinants of Fathers’ Parental Leave Use: Evidence from migration between Finland and Sweden. Journal of European Social Policy: 1–16.

Policy Brief

Hruschka, Constantin & Leboeuf, Luc (2019): Vulnerability: A Buzzword or a Standard for Migration Governance? Population & Policy Compact 20, Berlin: Max Planck Society/Population Europe.