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The Population Europe Yearbook provides an annual overview of the network's publications, its authors, and topics.

Pop Digest

Albertini, M., M. Gähler, & J. Härkönen (2018): Moving back to ”mamma”? Divorce, intergenerational coresidence, and latent family solidatiry in Sweden. Population, Space and Place e2142.
Kreyenfeld, M., Geisler, E., Castro Martín, T., Hannemann, T., Heintz-Martin, V., Jalovaara, M., Kulu, H., Meggiolaro, S., Mortelmans, D., Pasteels, I., Seiz, M. & A. Solaz (2017): Social Policies, Separation, and Second Birth Spacing in Western Europe. Demographic Research 37(37): 1245-1274.
Permyakova, N.V., & S. Billingsley (2017): Men’s health and co-residence with older generations in Russia: better or worse? Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.
Tjaden, J. & C. Hunkler (2017): The optimism trap: Migrants’ educational choices in stratified educational systems. Social Science Research 67: 213-228.  
Hanga, K., DiNitto, D. M.; Wilken, J. P. & L. Leppik (2017): A Person-Centred Approach in Initial Rehabilitation Needs Assessment: Experiences of Persons with Disabilities. Alter European Journal of Disability Research 11(4): 251-266.

Policy Brief

Mortelmans, D. & L. Bernardi (2018): Supporting Lone Parents and Their Children in Europe. Insights from a Dialogue Between Researchers and Policy Makers. Berlin: Max Planck Society/Population Europe.

Policy Insights

Research News

Vidal-Coso, E. & E. Ortega-Rivera (2017): "Skill Composition and Occupational Incorporation of Early and Recent Immigrants in Switzerland: The Case of Italians and Spaniards." International Migration 55(51): 86-111.
Zarulli, V., Barthold, J. A., Oksuzyan, A., Lindahl-Jacobsen, R., Christensen, K. & J. W. Vaupel (2018): Women Live Longer Than Men Even During Severe Famines and Epidemics. PNAS Early Edition.

Discussion Paper

Vono de Vilhena, Daniela (2018): Discussion Paper No. 7: Knowing the Unknown: Irregular Migration in Germany. Berlin: Population Europe.
Vaupel, James V. & A. Edel (ed.) (2017): Discussion Paper No. 6: Green Book Ageing Society: How “new ageing” will change our lives. Berlin: Population Europe.