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CPop Research Seminars Series

Apr 09 2021 - Jun 03 2021

Event: CPop Research Seminars Series

The CPop Research Seminars Series events are interdisciplinary as is their scientific audience. They are spanning across the fields of demography, public health, biology, mathematics, economics, political science and humanities. You may choose one or several seminars you wish to attend. The program is regularly updated once topics and speakers are confirmed. Seminars are held via Zoom and are free of charge. Make sure to register at least one day prior to the event.


Forthcoming events

  • 20/5 - The Circular Flow of Care: Spillovers, Interruptions, and Leaks with Nancy Folbre, Director, Program on Gender and Care Work, Professor Emerita of Economics, Senior Fellow of the Levy Economics Institute at Bard College, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • 21/5 - Model sensitivity, error and bias in excess death estimates during the COVID-19 pandemic with Jonas Schöley, Postdoc, The Interdisciplinary Centre on Population Dynamics, University of Southern Denmark, Odense
  • 3/6 - Age discrimination and the allocation of Covid-19 vaccines with Nir Eyal, Henry Rutgers Professor of Bioethics and Director of the Center for Population-Level Bioethics, Department of Health Behavior, Society and Policy Rutgers University
  • 11/6 - Long-term effects of smallpox vaccination with Volha Lazuka, Assistant Professor, Department of Business and Economics, University of Southern Denmark, Odense
  • 25/6 - Humanistic Fertility Studies (Provisional) with Peter Simonsen, Professor, Department for the Study of Culture, University of Southern Denmark, Odense



Interdisciplinary Centre on Population Dynamic
Online, Zoom