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Books and reports

Books & Reports

This section provides an overview of selected book publications of Population Europe researchers, cooperation partners and from other sources. If available, links guide the user to the publication websites.

Physically Constructed and Socially Shaped: Socio-Material Environment and Walking for Transportation in Later Life
Yang Li investigates three intersecting environmental dimensions on late-life walking: built structures, social infrastructure, and social capital, conceptually basing it on the ecological framework of place within a life course perspective.
Climate Change, Displacement, Mobility and Migration The State of Evidence, Future Scenarios, Policy Options
In this Delmi research overview, Mathias Czaika and Rainer Münz present the state of the field relating to the complex impact of climate and environmental change on the drivers and outcomes of mobility, displacement, and international migration.
Public Health  Expenditure and Life  Expectancy: A Healthy  Investment  During the financial crisis and subsequent economic  recession, life expectancy in Spain continued its  growth trend, rising from 82.3 years in 2008 to  82.92 years in 2014. However, in a context of low  mortality rates, it is also important to know about  the evolution of time in which we live in good and  bad health. Spain’s great regional heterogeneity  and its decentralised public health system make  it possible to observe how a var
They analyse the evolution of years lived with and without the most prevalent and disabling health conditions after the age of 50 in 17 Spanish Autonomous Communities in order to understand their association with several macro socioeconomic factors, public provision of health services, public health expenditure, and health-related behaviours.