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Books and reports

Books & Reports

This section provides an overview of selected book publications of Population Europe researchers, cooperation partners and from other sources. If available, links guide the user to the publication websites.

The New Laws of Love. Online Dating and the Privatization of Intimacy

By Marie Bergström

Online dating has become a widespread feature of modern social life. In less than two decades, seeking partners through commercial intermediaries went from being a marginal and stigmatized practice to being a common activity. How can we explain this rapid change and what does it tell us about the changing nature of love and sexuality?

QuantMig: The emigration decision  process – Foundations for modelling
The study of migration addresses the questions of why people migrate (motives), who migrates (selectivity), how people arrive at the decision to leave or stay, and what the consequences of migration are for individuals, families, communities, and society-at-large at origin, destination and transit (so what question).