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Books and reports

Books & Reports

This section provides an overview of selected book publications of Population Europe researchers, cooperation partners and from other sources. If available, links guide the user to the publication websites.

Relationship quality and family formation in Europe. How country context shapes (un)happy couples’ transitions to marriage and first birth
Niels Blom, Brienna Perelli-Harris and Kenneth Aarskaug Wiik employ a cross-national perspective to study how relationship quality is associated with the likelihood of marriage and first birth within cohabitation and how this differs by country context.
Double Disadvantage in a Nordic Welfare State: A Demographic Analysis of the Single Parent Employment Gap in Finland, 1987–2018
This study demonstrates how an evolving negative educational gradient of single parenthood can interact with changing labour market conditions to shape labour market inequalities between partnered and single parents.
Being a grandparent and depression: how does it differ across England, Europe and China?
Yazhen Yang, Maria Evandrou and Athina Vlachantoni examine the cross-national differences in the effect of grandparenting on older persons’ depression in England, Europe and China. They look to understand the role of providing childcare, grandparents’ gender and the national economy.