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High-Level Policy Expert Workshop: Connecting Population and Crisis Foresight to Policy Challenges

FutuRes Policy Lab: High-level expert workshop on connecting population and crisis foresight to policy challenges

Experts in demography and other social sciences have range of established methods, from projections, foresight and scenario-building to simulations and analysing synthetic populations that address different problems. One thing they have in common is the challenge of connecting their results to practice.

How can complex and nuanced results from foresight exercises translate into usable information for policy makers? What are the challenges? What are some “successful” examples?

On 14 November 2023, a select group of leading experts who apply foresight methods within policy making, academia, NGOs and public administrations addressed these questions in an online workshop. It was part of the FutuRes Policy Lab dialogue series, in which experts and stakeholders from research, politics, business and civil society discuss solutions for resilience-enhancing policies - driven by research evidence, practiocioner experience and citizens' perspective.