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Shrinking smartly and sustainably

Oct 11 2022

Shrinking smartly and sustainably

When: 11 October at 4:30 PM
Where: Online, Swapcard

This workshop brings together policy-makers and experts to discuss policies on adapting to shrinking populations in regions and countries experiencing sustained and strong population losses. To make the conversation accessible for diverse groups of participants, the organisers will propose several 'imagined futures' based on foresight analysis to stir debate and identify policy trade-offs and challenges for different types of regions.

You can register for the workshop and see other sessions on the event website.



  • Fabrice Dalongeville, Mayor, Municipality of Auger-Saint-Vincent, France
  • Anne Goujon, Population and Just Societies (POPJUS) Program DirectorInternational Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria
  • Lewis Dijkstra, Head, Economic Analysis Sector, Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission
  • Patricia Moroz, Regional Director, Economic & Market Analysis Division of HUD Regions I-III, Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), United States
  • Sebastian Klüsener, Research Director on Demographic Change and AgeingThe Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB), Germany



  • Ana Moreno Monroy, Regional Inequalities and Demographic Change Programme ManagerOECD
  • Daniela Vono De Vilhena, Deputy Executive SecretaryPopulation Europe | Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research


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