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Network & Projects

Population Europe was founded in 2009. Our network builds upon the unique knowledge base of 32 institutes and 15 collaboration partners, and more than 150 leading experts in our Council of Advisors from all over Europe.

What are the objectives of Population Europe?

We provide new insights, precise facts and evidence-based findings at the forefront of population and policy research, and disseminate up-to-date information to various audiences.

Our Publications

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Who are the Partners?

Our Partners are the leading research centres in the area of population and policy in currently more than 15 European countries. Moreover, we have established institutional collaborations with a number of national and international organisations.

What is the Council of Advisors?

The Council of Advisors is Population Europe’s scientific board consisting of more than 150 researchers from institutions across Europe and beyond. They have demonstrated, high-level expertise in demographic analysis and extensive knowledge of the political, economic, social and geographic factors that influence population structure and change.

How are decisions made?

The Boards of Population Europe are composed of the most eminent researchers in population studies in Europe and ensure that our activities meet the highest standards of scientific practice. In addition, the European Association for Population Studies and the Max Planck Society regularly evaluate our activities.

What is the Secretariat?

The Population Europe Secretariat in Berlin is hosted by the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science. The communication and policy experts at the Secretariat coordinate our broad range of dissemination activities.

Besides disseminating information about the most recent research results on a regular basis, Population Europe also conducts its own projects and supports the projects of its partners. 

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