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2021 European Demographer Awards Go to José Manuel Aburto and Carlo Giovanni Camarda

News: 2021 European Demographer Awards Go to José Manuel Aburto and Carlo Giovanni Camarda
Left to right: José Manuel Aburto (Source: Vladimir Manov) and Carlo Giovanni Camarda (Source: Jacques Vallin)

The 2021 European Demographer Awards go to José Manuel Aburto (Oxford / Odense) and Carlo Giovanni Camarda (Paris)

The Förderfonds Wissenschaft in Berlin and the Secretariat of the European research network Population Europe announce this year's winners of the European Demographer Awards. The curriculum vitae of the two prize winners are exemplary for their international cooperation in top-level European research.

Berlin, 16 September 2020

Since 2015, the renowned European Demographer Awards have been presented to young researchers who have made a name for themselves in population studies at the intersection of anthropology, biology, demography, economics, history, mathematics, political science, sociology and statistics. The two prizes will be awarded to a researcher who has just completed his or her doctorate or who is at an advanced stage of their academic career. The selection is made by an evaluation committee consisting of leading international population scientists. The award ceremony will take place in 2021 in the presence of Dubravka Šuica, Vice-President of the European Commission for Democracy and Demography.

José Manuel Aburto (PhD received in 2020) currently works at the University of Oxford, following positions in Germany and Denmark. He has made important contributions about the (unequal) distribution of health and life expectancy in the population, not only in Central and Eastern Europe, but also in Latin America, where he was able to show how improvements in life expectancy were reversed by waves of violence. He has already been awarded a Newton International Fellowship from the British Academy, the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Royal Society, and a Marie Sklodowska Curie Fellowship from the European Commission. He has worked for the World Bank and as a government consultant.

Carlo Giovanni Camarda (PhD received in 2008) completed his academic career in Italy, England, Spain and Germany and heads the department "Mortality, Health and Epidemiology" at the Institut National d'Études Démographiques in Paris. He is one of the most important population statisticians of his generation and has been particularly involved in methodological issues and forecasting of mortality at old age. His aim is to process complex processes using statistics in such a way that they can be better used to describe long-term trends and for forecasting. He also teaches at the two top universities in France, ENSAE and ENSAI, and at the European Doctoral School of Demography. In 2018, he was awarded a prize for his trailblazing research by the European Association for Population Studies (EAPS).

Further information and photos of the prize winners can be found here:

Questions about the European Demographer Award can be addressed to: Dr Andreas Edel, Executive Secretary, Population Europe / Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research: edel [at], +49 30 2061 383 31.