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Call for survey questions - Generations & Gender Programme


Source: Generations & Gender Programme


The Generations and Gender Programme (GGP) has just announced the Call for survey questions for their follow-up (wave 2) questionnaire.

If you are interested in having your questions added to the next wave of the Generations and Gender Survey (GGS) – a cross-national survey on family dynamics (including family formation and having children), and on relations between younger and older generations, the GGP awaits your proposals until April 3rd, 2023.


The proposed survey module should be:

  • In line with the thematic scope of the GGS, bringing depth or additional dimension to the questionnaire;
  • Fitting well with the longitudinal dimension of the GGS;
  • Scientifically excellent and well-motivated;
  • Self-contained and easy to incorporate into the questionnaire, fitting into the survey without changing the sequence or nature of any existing questions;
  • Short – even a single item can be suggested if it can generate innovative research.

7-8 minutes of the survey time will be allocated to all new questions. The GGP team intends to fill this time slot with several shorter submissions from different applicants, therefore they strongly encourage proposals to aim for a maximum of 2-3 minutes of questions. There are no predefined number of proposals that will be accepted.

More details can be found here.