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EAPS launches new parent network

Parent Network


Parents working in academia face specific challenges and difficulties that might be hard to cope with. However, there is no real channel for transferring knowledge about having an academic career while also being a parent. They are presenting here a network for academic parents in population studies, to help current and future parents to share knowledge and experiences, give and receive guidance and help one another in managing family and the academic career.

Within an established network, it is easier to share problems, success stories and support one another. It also allows researchers to make new contacts and have more network opportunities with ones who understand their situation. The network is scientifically also relevant by helping parents share their experience on how to balance work and family and be academically productive while also parenting. They also envision that the network will create and strengthen future collaborations among its members.

Please contact the network for info and if you are interested to join:


Activities and events

First, they would like to know who would be interested in participating in the network and what the network can be most useful for. You can help to set the exact activities and goals of the network. So, if you would like to give your input, if you are an academic parent in population studies or if you would like to become a parent in the future please fill out the anonymous questionnaire.

They will be at the EAPS booth at the EPC conference in Groningen on Friday July 1 at 12:30 for a "meet&greet " event. You are welcome to come and meet them!