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GGP kicks off GGP-5D project

GGP-5D Project


End of October 2022, the Generations and Gender Programme entered a new era of its existence with the kick-off of the GGP-5D project. This new project will lead the GGP onto an institutionalised pathway of European Research Infrastructure Consortia.

The main objective of the GGP-5D project is to enhance the GGP’s long-term sustainability as a permanent research infrastructure (RI) by establishing its own legal entity. At present the GGP is the only RI focused on addressing key scientific and societal challenges related to the causes and consequences of demographic changes. The GGP collects, processes and disseminates cross-nationally comparable longitudinal data on young adults, families, generational exchanges, and the life courses of women and men.

The efforts within the GGP-5D project will contribute to the quality of the European Research Area in the field of population studies and provide solid ground for further investment in the GGP.


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