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New Helpline to support Ukrainian researchers

Helpline to support Ukranian researchers


Population Europe and Charles University have created a helpline for our Ukrainian colleagues, working on population topics and directly affected by current war events.

On the website of this helpline, we are continuously collecting information about offers and other information about the possibilities of continuing academic work, especially about emergency scholarships, internships, and job positions at European demographic workplaces - universities and research institutes. Interested colleagues can find relevant information here and then directly contact the institutions concerned. If necessary, our coordination group is ready to intermediate the required contacts. You can write us in English or Russian at the address:

Information published on this site is relevant for our colleagues – academic staff of universities and research institutes and freelance experts, including those being already retired. The information, wherever relevant, also applies to students who have studied in Ukraine and whose studies have been interrupted by the war (including students from third countries). The community of European demographers is ready to do its best to support all colleagues in need in this difficult time.

Please email if there are additional resources you would like to share via the Helpline.


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