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Policy Insights

Researchers and collaboration partners of Population Europe as well as eminent experts from leading organisations contribute to the debate on demographic developments that are of public interest by providing insights into pressing policy issues.

Interview with Dr. Diana López-Falcón
The JPI Data Map provides new insights and numbers on the topic of ageing. It is a joint effort of the members of the Joint Programming Innitiative (JPI) “More Years, Better Lives – The Challenges and Opportunities of Demographic Change”. The interactive Data Map is accesible online for free. Population Europe: What is the main contribution of the new Data Map?   [...]
Interview with Demographer Jakub Bijak
Population Europe: Migration is the most uncertain demographic component. Do we really know what happens to migrants in times of recession? Jakub Bijak: We know even less than during the periods of stable economy. Under any circumstances immigration is quite difficult to measure and predict, or even to define in a precise way. During the crisis the situation is even worse, as migration becomes more volatile. [...]
Interview with Marc Goffart
Population Europe: What is the EU’s interest in research on families?   Marc Goffart: The EU’s research interest in families dates back to the late ‘80s, but actual policy developments (at the EU and international level, such as the OECD) are of more recent nature, which have initially centred around the demographic developments in Europe. [...]
Interview with Helga de Valk
Helga de Valk on meeting and mating in the European Union single market: Population Europe (PE): Why is research on intermarriage relevant for the future of the European Union? [...]
Interview with Chiara Pronzato
Population Europe (PE): Can research tell us what is more damaging for children’s future: a lack of money or a lack of parents’ time in their early childhood? [...]
Interview with Fabrizio Bernardi and Juho Härkönen
Population Europe (PE): To what extent growing up with divorced parents affects children? [...]
Interview with Don Flynn
Population Europe: What do you consider the most pressing issue in Migration politics that the EU has to resolve right now? [...]
Interview with Amparo González-Ferrer
What are the specific difficulties that pupils of immigrant background face in the education systems? [...]
Biological Clock
Interview with Melinda Mills and Maria Letizia Tanturri
Who is considered a childless person in your research? [...]
“Demography is destiny” is a well-known expression. It suggests change is inex­orable, somehow unchangeable, subject only to inertia. But demography can be fast. [...]