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Our Daniela Vono de Vilhena joins EPRS' Online Policy Roundtable

How is the coronavirus crisis changing Europe's demography? The 2021 EPRS' Demographic Outlook

EPRS' Online Policy Roundtable

The 2021 edition of EPRS’s annual 'Demographic Outlook for the European Union' focuses not only on continued recent trends - such as an ageing population, lower fertility rates and a shrinking working-age population - but also looks at their implications for policy at European and national levels.

This EPRS policy roundtable will explore the study's findings in the light of the on-going coronavirus crisis, asking whether and how far recent patterns are being shifted by the pandemic, not least in its well-reported impact on life-expectancy. The discussion will include experts from the OECD, Population Europe, the Cabinet of the Commission Vice-President for Democracy and Demography, and the Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC), as well as from EPRS itself.