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The Travelling Exhibition 'How to get to 100 – and enjoy it'

How to get to 100 – and enjoy it, which has been shown in more than 20 venues throughout Europe, provides information about the individual life course as well as major population trends. Visitors can access texts, graphs, video interviews and interactive games through the use of iPads. More information can be found on this information sheet:




Play 'Pac-Man' for a healthy lifestyle, take a look at yourself at old age and discover the secrets of longevity. Find out why the risk of dying is the same for newborns and at age 50, why some singles are not really single and why the war between generations is not going to happen. Discover what demographic change means for your own life with the interactive exhibition How to get to 100 - and enjoy it.

Using the latest iPad-technology this exhibition takes you on an entertaining tour through your future in an ageing society. Transformed into computer games, quizzes, photos, interviews and easy to understand graphs and texts, latest research results are ready for you at your fingertips.

The exhibition also features artwork from Romy Kaa and her series 'Persona', 2012/2013 (Germany): Child, parent, grandparent – these are the central roles life offers us. How we meet these obligations and what happens when we switch roles or reject the traditional family model are among the questions Berlin artist Romy Kaa asks in her photo series 'Persona'. The photograher, her mother and her daughter pose in different situations and assume different roles. This surreal staging plays with conventional photographic genres, and challenges our conventional definitions of age, identity and family ties. Even as we are meeting the demands of certain social roles, we carry other roles within us that we could also adopt. Romy Kaa lives and works as a freelance photographer in Berlin, where she studied at the Ostkreuz School of Photography. For more, see


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